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SUERF Marjolin Prize

SUERF - The European Money and Finance Forum awards the best contributions to the Colloquium. The Marjolin Prize Award was established in Thun, Switzerland, in 1995 as recognition of Robert Marjolin and his support for outstanding young author’s research paper and publication. The prize includes a financial award of EUR 2,500 as well as a one year personal membership of SUERF Association. To qualify for the prize, the authors must be no older than 40 on the date the prize is awarded.

About Robert Marjolin

Robert Marjolin (1911-1986) was one of the most distinguished European economists of his generation and a leading architect of post-war Europe. From 1948 until 1955 he was the first Secretary General of the OEEC (Organization for European Economic Co-operation). This organization was established to channel US Marshall Aid into the reconstruction of Europe. Marjolin was a leading negotiator of the Treaty of Rome for France and Vice President of the European Commission for finance and economics for 10 years. He served as a Professor of Economics at the University of Paris and the University of Nancy, and in the private sector as advisor to leading European and US Companies.

A list of past Marjolin Prize winners can be found below:

Date Marjolin PrizeAwarded to
24 May, 2022Heterogeneous information, subjective model beliefs, and the time-varying transmission of shocksAlistair Macaulay
29 Mar, 2019The 2019 SUERF Marjolin Prize WinnerJorge Abad
14 Sep, 2017The 2017 SUERF Marjolin Prize WinnerEdouard Chrétien and Victor Lyonnet
02 Feb, 2016The 2016 SUERF Marjolin Prize WinnerSascha Steffen, University of Mannheim and Josef A. Korte, Goethe University Frankfurt
04 Jun, 2014The 2014 SUERF Marjolin Prize WinnerAlessandro Scopelliti, University of Warwick
06 Sep, 2012The 2012 SUERF Marjolin Prize WinnerAndrew R. Gimber, European University Institute
12 May, 2011The 2011 SUERF Marjolin Prize WinnerStefan Kerbl, Oesterreichische Nationalbank
04 Sep, 2009The 2009 SUERF Marjolin Prize WinnerMarie Hoerova, the European Central Bank
14 Jun, 2008The 2008 SUERF Marjolin Prize WinnerTobias Berg, University of Munich
14 Oct, 2006The 2006 SUERF Marjolin Prize WinnerVincenzo Galasso, IGIER, Bocconi University
16 Oct, 2004The 2004 SUERF Marjolin Prize WinnerMichael Koetter, Boston Consulting Group
14 Jun, 2003The 2003 SUERF Marjolin Prize WinnerAlicia Garcia-Herrero and Pedro del Rio, Banco de España
27 Oct, 2001The 2001 SUERF Marjolin Prize WinnerMessrs Hans Degryse and Mark Van Achter, KU Leuven
29 Apr, 2000The 2000 SUERF Marjolin Prize WinnerPeter van Dijcke, Artesia Banking Corporation
17 Oct, 1998The 1998 SUERF Marjolin Prize WinnerRudi van der Vennet , University of Ghent
17 May, 1997The 1997 SUERF Marjolin Prize WinnerLuc Renneboog, KU Leuven
07 Oct, 1995The 1995 SUERF Marjolin Prize WinnerAxel Weber, University of Bonn and CEPR

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