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Welcome to SUERF - The European Money and Finance Forum

SUERF - The European Money and Finance Forum is an independent, non-profit network association of central banks, supervisors, financial institutions, academic institutions, and financial sector practitioners. It provides a unique forum for information, research, networking and debate on financial and monetary issues, financial regulation and supervision, and monetary policy.

SUERF Coronomics Info Hub

The effectiveness of monetary policy in a low interest rate environment / Rome, Italy / 08 Jun, 2020 - Postponed

Gender, money and finance / Vienna, Austria / 25 May, 2020 - Postponed

The EU’s “northern” enlargement 25 years on: A comparative stocktaking and outlook / Vienna, Austria / 07 May - 08 May, 2020 - Canceled

Passive versus active asset portfolio management: trends, drivers, risks / Milan, Italy / 19 Feb, 2020

Forging a new future between the UK and the EU / Amsterdam, The Netherlands / 08 Jan, 2020

Simulating the distributive effects of the Macron-Merkel Recovery Fund / Friedrich Heinemann

International inflation co-movements / Philip R. Lane

Making banking integration work for better risk sharing in the eurozone: the role of cross-border banking consolidation / Mathias Hoffmann

Cross-border consolidation in the European banking sector: between dreams and reality / Jan Van Hove

Services are the next – and fast approaching – frontier of global trade and financial services is a sector leading the way / Robert Koopman

German Constitutional Court vs ECB: Law, Economics and Politics / Donato Masciandaro

Turning collective savings into private equity investments: The Covid-19 crisis as a catalyst for pan-European efficient resource allocation / Georges Hübner

ECB needs to finance Corona budget deficits / Paul De Grauwe

The currency composition of foreign exchange reserves / Hiro Ito and Robert N McCauley

Monetary policy implications of digital currencies / Katrin Assenmacher

Can we compare the COVID-19 and 2008 crises? / Marc-Olivier Strauss-Kahn

Coronavirus and the world of work / Monika Kiss

How large is the coronavirus macro shock? Putting the near-term record-breaking shock in the long-term context / Elga Bartsch, Jean Boivin, Philipp Hildebrand

Covid-19 policy response and the role of the EIB / Debora Revoltella

Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste! / Kai A. Konrad, Marcel Thum

An EU Recovery Fund: How to square the circle? / Kajus Hagelstam, Alice Zoppè, Cristina Sofia Dias

Shh, don’t say it! ECB Helicopter Money: Economics and Politics / Donato Masciandaro

How the economy will recover from the Corona shock / Jörg Krämer and Bernd Weidensteiner

Interlinking Europe’s recovery plan and the next EU budget / Kevin Körner and Barbara Böttcher

Embedded supervision: how to build regulation into Libra 2.0 and the token economy / Raphael Auer

Overview of Central Bank Digital Currency - State of Play / Johannes Duong

What central banks have done to help the economy survive Covid-19 / Florens Odendahl, Adrian Penalver, and Urszula Szczerbowicz

Politics and Economics of Global Currencies / Paul De Grauwe

Regulation, Corporate Culture and Individual Responsibility in Banking / David T Llewellyn

The search for the right European Financing Instruments in the Corona Pandemic - ESM Liquidity Assistance versus Corona Bonds / Friedrich Heinemann

Navigation tools in the semi-normal corona era / Andy Langenkamp

The range of different opinions and moods in Germany on collective ‘corona bonds’ / Ingobert Waltenberger

The Prudent Algorithm Principle: A new paradigm for financial supervision / Jakob Thomä

Passive Funds Actively Affect Prices: Evidence from the Largest ETF Markets / Karamfil Todorov

European banks in the corona crisis / Jan Schildbach

Mother Nature: The gender-climate nexus / Jessica Murray

How deep will it fall? Comparing the euro area recessions of 2020 and 2009 / Andreas Breitenfellner, Paul Ramskogler

A diverse monetary union creates invisible transfers that justify conditional solidarity / Enrico Perotti and Oscar Soons

Reflections on the health and financial crisis / Jacques de Larosière

Does It Fit? Tweeting on Monetary Policy and Central Bank Communication / Donato Masciandaro, Davide Romelli, Gaia Rubera

The European Deposit Insurance Scheme: Economic Rationale, Issues and Policy Solutions / Ettore Panetti

A “European Capitalization and Development Fund” (ECDF) to facilitate Europe’s post-corona recovery / Ernest Gnan

Euro Area Economics: Putting the OOH into HICP / Jacob Nell, Bruna Skarica, Joao Almeida, Markus Guetschow

Central Bank Digital Currency: A Primer / Christian Pfister

Are Standard Macro and Credit Policies Enough to Deal with the Economic Fallout from a Global Pandemic? A Proposal for a Negative SME Tax / Thomas Drechsel, Şebnem Kalemli-Özcan

Reforms, Reversals and the Road Ahead: Lessons from Three Decades of Transition in Central and Eastern Europe / Beata Javorcik

The Paradox of Endogenous Nationalism and the Role of Quantitative Easing / Massimo Morelli

Capital Regulations and the Management of Credit Commitments during Crisis Times / Paul Pelzl, María Teresa Valderrama

Euro Area Economics: Greenflation? / Jacob Nell, Joao Almeida, Markus Guetschow

R-star decline and monetary hysteresis / Phurichai Rungcharoenkitkul

Mortgage Lending and Macroprudential Policy in the UK and US / Alan Brener

Cost-Efficiency and Productivity of euro area banks / Ivan Huljak, Reiner Martin, Diego Moccero

Regulating fintech: what is going on, and where are the challenges? / Fernando Restoy

Making sure your bot colleague is less biased than you! / Frank De Jonghe

The European Banking Union / Margarita Delgado

Populism, Economic Policies and Central Banking: an Overview / Ernest Gnan, Donato Masciandaro

European Banking Consolidation: Can a view to the past inform current policy efforts? / Peter Hahn

How Could Central Bank Digital Currencies Be Designed? / Itai Agur, Anil Ari, Giovanni Dell’Ariccia

Interests and alliances / Klaas Knot

Europe’s role in the global financial system / Luis de Guindos

Bank resolution, the need to recognize reality in order to prepare for the next crisis / Jesper Berg, Henrik Bjerre-Nielsen

Should central banks also be supervisors: a political economy perspective / Donato Masciandaro

Economic policy in EMU: What role for fiscal and monetary policy? Which has more scope left? How to combine them? / Marco Buti

DLT-Based Regulatory Reporting - A game changer for the regulatory regime? / Daniel Münch, Noah Bellon

TCFD: strengthening the foundations of sustainable finance / Mark Carney

The quest for policy scope: Implications for monetary policy strategies / Klaas Knot

Investing in Europe’s Competitiveness and Sustainability / Werner Hoyer

Central bank independence and inflation / Ryszard Kokoszczyński, Joanna Mackiewicz-Łyziak

Deposit facility rate, bank reserves, and portfolio reallocation incentives / Manuel Buchholz, Kirsten Schmidt, Lena Tonzer

Euro Area Fiscal Policy: The Factual, the Possible and the Surprising / Daniele Antonucci

Following “Libra” German banks say: The economy needs a programmable digital euro / Andreas Krautscheid, Tobias Tenner, Siegfried Utzig

Putting macroprudential policy to work: a case study on the Dutch housing market / Paul Hilbers, Marco van Hengel

Central Banking in challenging times / Claudio Borio

Ten years after Lehman, is the financial system safer? / Denis Beau

Inflation In The Eurozone Is Dead. Long Live (The Right Kind Of) Inflation / Sylvain Broyer

Reforming the Stability and Growth Pact: Striving for sustainability while offering room for manoeuvre / Karsten Wendorff

Towards a European Governance Framework for Cryptoassets / Jason Grant Allen, Rosa María Lastra

The rise of central banks as sovereign debt holders: Implications for investor bases / Alvise Lennkh, Bernhard Bartels, Thibault Vasse

Libra – a view from Europe / Heike Mai

Tackling non-performing loans in Europe / Peter Grasmann, Markus Aspegren, Nicolas Willems

Banks’ behavioral reactions to Basel III: mostly as intended / Stefan W. Schmitz

Dealing with the next downturn: From unconventional monetary policy to unprecedented policy coordination / Elga Bartsch, Jean Boivin, Stanley Fischer, Philipp Hildebrand

On Crypto Assets / Andrei Kirilenko

Non-banks in the EU: ensuring a smooth transition to a Capital Markets Union / Fatima Pires

How to improve crisis management in the banking union: a European FDIC? / Fernando Restoy

Central bank digital currency: institutional issues / Wim Boonstra

Integration and convergence in the EMU: a complex dynamic / Bruno Cabrillac

The euro’s global role: past, present and future / Arnaud Mehl

Making the most of the EMU: Challenges and opportunities for structural reforms / Luiz de Mello

Strengthened EU fiscal framework: fiscal discipline versus economic stabilization / Bernhard Grossmann, Gottfried Haber

Reconciling risk sharing with market discipline: A constructive approach to euro area reform / Isabel Schnabel

Controlling CBDC through tiered remuneration / Ulrich Bindseil

Escaping the Trap: Secular Stagnation, Monetary Policy and Financial Fragility / Martin Wolf

European Economic and Monetary Union: from the Past into the Future / Jean-Claude Trichet

Beliefs and Portfolios: New Measurement and Facts / Stefano Giglio, Matteo Maggiori, Johannes Stroebel, Stephen Utkus

How to Make Capitalism Work for All? / Anita Angelovska Bezhoska

Restricting or Abolishing Cash: An Effective Instrument for Eliminating the Shadow Economy, Corruption and Terrorism? / Friedrich Schneider

Central banks still run money creation / Daniel Daianu

Mitigating Fiscal Risks from the Financial Sector / Ludger Schuknecht

Loan portfolio diversification in the euro area, capital requirements, and the European Banking Union / Esa Jokivuolle, Matti Virén

Regulatory complexity and the quest for robust regulation / Prasanna Gai, Malcolm Kemp, Antonio Sánchez Serrano, Isabel Schnabel

Libra: A new competitor among international currencies? / Beat Weber

Main findings from a survey on the long-term impact of Brexit on the UK and EU economies / Patrick Bisciari

Global economic governance at a crossroads / Carlo Monticelli

Rethinking Capital Regulation: The Case for a Dividend Prudential Target in the Euro Area / Manuel Muñoz

Bilateral Trade Balances Under Focus / Florence Jaumotte

A products and activities approach to managing risk in asset management / Barbara Novick

Financial aspects of Brexit / Thomas Url

Central banks are too risk averse as investors / Massimiliano Castelli, Stefan Gerlach

Thoughts for a third EU Referendum: Revoke Article 50 OR Leave with “a” deal / Graham Bishop

Chinese foreign investment: a dangerous obsession or a new normal? Get ready for the latter! / Peter Havlik

The future of financial stability: Maintaining effectiveness while reducing complexity / Andreas Ittner

The future of the UK services trade post-Brexit: unlikely to be bright / Olga Pindyuk

Monetary and financial stability: the implications for prudential supervision / Ed Sibley

Analysing the Economics of BREXIT and World Trade / David T. Llewellyn

Rethinking the Trade-offs for Monetary Policy in an Era of Globalization / Enrique Martínez-García

The impact of Brexit on growth and the public finances / Iain Begg

The post-crisis Phillips Curve and its policy implications: cumulative wage gap matters for inflation / Liviu Voinea

How to assess the adequacy of capital requirements based on internal models? / Susanne Roehrig

What is „Modern Money Theory“ (MMT)? / Beat Weber

The future of money and payments / Agustín Carstens

A New Horizon / Mark Carney

The Euro Area: Staying the Course through Uncertainties / François Villeroy de Galhau

The Euro Area: Creating a Stronger Economic Ecosystem / Christine Lagarde

Market power: a complex reality / Peter Praet

Beyond voluntary disclosure: why a ‘market-shaping’ approach to financial regulation is needed to meet the challenge of climate change / Josh Ryan-Collins

Fiscal Rules / Vitor Gaspar, David Amaglobeli

New Frontiers in the Euro Debate in Iceland / Thorsteinn Thorgeirsson

Disintermediation and re-intermediation effects of the CSPP / Óscar Arce, Ricardo Gimeno, Sergio Mayordomo

Creating an enabling environment for innovation and digitalisation / Debora Revoltella, Tim Bending, Christoph Weiss, Philipp-Bastian Brutscher

What lies in store for the eurozone? An assessment of the Greek bailout programmes: Has the EU become wiser? / Yannis Stournaras

Europe needs reforms for inclusive growth. Do Europeans agree? / Pier Carlo Padoan

Big tech in finance and new challenges for public policy / Agustín Carstens

The output cost of the global financial crisis: A reappraisal after ten years / David Turner, Patrice Ollivaud

Monetary Policy beyond normalization / Maria Demertzis

Africa needs investments beyond its pockets of growth / Olivier de Boysson, Clément Gillet

Business models in prudential policies / Isabelle Vaillant, Marina Cernov

Bank business models: time to act / Rudi Vander Vennet

Trends and Cycles in Financial Intermediation / Philip R. Lane

Regtech meets financial supervision: how climate scenario analysis by supervisors is ushering in a new regulatory paradigm / Jakob Thomä

Global financial vulnerabilities: Get ready for a bumpy ride / Claudio Borio

A plea for a paradigm shift in financial decision-making in the age of climate change and disruptive technologies / Angela Köppl, Sigrid Stagl

A Financial Union for the Euro Area / Poul M. Thomsen

A Green Supporting Factor — The Right Policy? / Jacob Dankert, Lars van Doorn, Henk Jan Reinders, Olaf Sleijpen

Preserving regulatory certainty: The review of insurers’ capital requirements / Gabriel Bernardino

Central banks should reflect climate risks in monetary policy operations / Pierre Monnin

21st century cash: Central banking, technological innovation and digital currencies / Fabio Panetta

Green bond finance and certification / Torsten Ehlers, Frank Packer

The future for central bank balance sheets and their potential use as a macroprudential tool / Paul Fisher

A solid common landing ground for EMU / Jeroen Dijsselbloem

Temporary Eurobill Fund (TEF): 30 FAQs / Graham Bishop

Strengthening the euro area Architecture: A proposal for Purple bonds / Lorenzo Bini Smaghi, Michala Marcussen

Modern financial repression in the euro area crisis: making high public debt sustainable? / Ad van Riet

Populism and Central Bank Independence / Donato Masciandaro, Francesco Passarelli

Central Bank Accountability and Judicial Review / Charles Goodhart, Rosa Lastra

Opportunities and challenges for banking regulation and supervision in the digital age / José Manuel González-Páramo

In the euro area, discipline is of the essence, but risk-sharing is no less important / Daniel Daianu

European Monetary Union reform preferences of French and German parliamentarians / Sebastian Blesse, Pierre C. Boyer, Friedrich Heinemann, Eckhard Janeba, Anasuya Raj

Credit conditions and corporate investment in Europe / Laurent Maurin, Rozalia Pal, Philipp-Bastian Brutscher

Euro area quantitative easing: Large volumes, small impact? / Daniel Gros

Comparability of Basel risk weights in the EU banking sector / Zsofia Döme, Stefan Kerbl

The New Silk Road: Implications for Europe / Stephan Barisitz, Alice Radzyner

Fairness and Support for the Reforms: Lessons from the Transition Economies / Sergei Guriev

The occasional importance of the current account in an era of a global savings glut / Jesper Berg, Steffen Lind

Deepening the Economic and Monetary Union: the EU priorities by 2025 and beyond / Marco Buti

Risk sharing in EMU: key insights from a literature review / Demosthenes Ioannou, David Schäfer

Recent developments in Chinese shadow banking / Michael Chui, Christian Upper

Is cash back? Assessing the recent increase in cash demand / Clemens Jobst, Helmut Stix

Is there a risk of snapback in long-dated yields? / Hyun Song Shin

Gaming the rules or ruling the game? – How to deal with regulatory arbitrage / Danièle Nouy

International financial crises: new understandings, new data / Jaime Caruana

Technological Change and the Future of Cash / François R. Velde

Banks or platforms: The digital future / Patricia Jackson

The political economy of central banking in the digital age / Sir Paul Tucker

(No) worries about the new shape of international capital flows / Matthieu Bussiére, Julia Schmidt, Natacha Valla

Completing the architecture of the Euro / Lorenzo Bini Smaghi

Bail-ins: Issues of Credibility and Contagion / Clas Wihlborg

Two turbulent centuries: Lessons from Austria’s monetary policy, 1816-2016 / Ernest Gnan, Clemens Jobst

Doves, Hawks and Pigeons: Behavioral Monetary Policy Making / Donato Masciandaro

Ten Myths in the Brexit Debate / David T. Llewellyn

Bank secrecy in offshore centres, capital flows and blacklisting: It takes two to tango / Donato Masciandaro

Some seeming paradoxes or interesting points of Russia’s economy and banking sector / Stephan Barisitz

Gender diversity and monetary policy / Donato Masciandaro, Paola Profeta, Davide Romelli

Cash without future? Future without cash? A wider view / Christian Beer, Urs W. Birchler, Ernest Gnan

Modigliani–Miller, Basel 3 and CRD 4 / Morten Balling

What is money and who says so? / Peter R. Fisher

Populism, Economic, Policies and Central Banking / by Ernest Gnan and Donato Masciandaro

European Economic and Monetary Union: The first and the next 20 years / Oesterreichische Nationalbank

Cash on Trial, mk II - Economics, Technology and Institutions / by Urs Birchler, Ernest Gnan, Carl-Christoph Hedrich and Jens Ulbrich

Do We Need Central Bank Digital Currency? Economics, Technology and Institutions / by Ernest Gnan and Donato Masciandaro

Shadow Banking: Financial Intermediation beyond Banks / by Esa Jokivuolle

The Financial System of the Future / Oesterreichische Nationalbank

New Challenges in Central Banking: Monetary Policy Governance and Macroprudential Issues / by Ernest Gnan and Donato Masciandaro

Brexit and the implications for financial services / by Patricia Jackson

Central Banking and Monetary Policy: what will be the post-crisis new normal? / by Ernest Gnan and Donato Masciandaro

The SSM at 1 / by Jens Ulbrich, Carl-Christoph Hedrich and Morten Balling

Banking Reform / by Patricia Jackson

The state as an intermediary to foster long-term investments: the case of the targeted European savings account / Hans-Peter Burghof, Carola Müller

Cash on Trial / by Christian Beer, Ernest Gnan and Urs W. Birchler

Liquidity and Market Efficiency – Alive and well? / by Esa Jokivuolle and Jouko Vilmunen

Asset-Liability Management with Ultra-low Interest Rates / by Ernest Gnan and Christian Beer

Challenges in Securities Markets Regulation: Investor Protection and Corporate Governance / by Pablo Gasós, Ernest Gnan and Morten Balling

Money, Regulation and Growth: Financing New Growth in Europe / by Marc Quintyn, Donato Masciandaro, Frank Lierman and Morten Balling

Banking After Regulatory Reforms - Business as Usual? / by Esa Jokivuolle and Jouko Vilmunen

The Value of Banks and Their Business Models to Society / by Allard Bruinshoofd and Jakob de Haan

The Effectiveness of Capital Adequacy Measures in Predicting Bank Distress / by David Mayes and Hanno Stremmel

The Future of Sovereign Borrowing in Europe / by Morten Balling, Ernest Gnan and Johannes Holler

Property Prices and Real Estate Financing in a Turbulent World / by Morten Balling and Jesper Berg

States, Banks and the Financing of the Economy: Monetary Policy and Regulatory Perspectives / by Morten Balling, Ernest Gnan & Patricia Jackson

States, Banks, and the Financing of the Economy: Fiscal Policy and Sovereign Risk Perspectives / by Morten Balling, Peter Egger & Ernest Gnan

The Interaction of Political, Fiscal and Financial Stability: Lessons from the Crisis / by Ernest Gnan

Developing Distress Resolution Procedures for Financial Institutions / by Clas Wihlborg

The ESRB at 1 / by Stefan Gerlach, Ernest Gnan and Jens Ulbrich

Future Risks and Fragilities for Financial Stability / by David T. Llewellyn and Richard Reid

New Paradigms in Banking, Financial Markets and Regulation? / by Morten Balling, Frank Lierman, Freddy Van den Spiegel, Rym Ayadi and David T. Llewellyn

New Paradigms in Monetary Theory and Policy? / by Morten Balling and David T. Llewellyn

Roles, Missions and Business Models of Public Financial Institutions in Europe / by Mathias Schmit, Laurent Gheeraert, Tierry Denuit, Cédric Warny

Divergence of Risk Indicators and the Conditions for Market Discipline in Banking / by Jens Forssbaeck

Monetary Policy After the Crisis / by Ernest Gnan, Ryszard Kokoszczynski, Tomasz Łyziak & Robert McCauley

Regulation and Banking After the Crisis / by Frank Browne, David T. Llewellyn and Philip Molyneux

The Future of Banking in CESEE after the Financial Crisis / by Attila Csajbók and Ernest Gnan

Contagion and Spillovers: New Insights from the Crisis / by Peter Backé, Ernest Gnan and Philipp Hartmann

The Quest for Stability: The Financial Stability View / by Morten Balling, Jan Marc Berk and Marc-Olivier Strauss-Kahn

The Quest for Stability: The View of Financial Institutions / by Morten Balling, Jan Marc Berk and Marc-Olivier Strauss-Kahn

The Quest for Stability: The Macro View / by Morten Balling, Jan Marc Berk and Marc-Olivier Strauss-Kahn

Crisis Management at Cross-Roads - Challenges facing cross-border financial institutions at the EU level / by Rym Ayadi, Morten Balling and Frank Lierman

Design, Structure and Implementation of a Modern Deposit Insurance Scheme / by Beat Bernet and Susanna Walter

Productivity in the Financial Services Sector / by Morten Balling, Ernest Gnan, Frank Lierman and Jean-Pierre Schoder

Financing SMEs in Europe / by Morten Balling, Beat Bernet and Ernest Gnan

Current Trends in the Russian Financial System / by Morten Balling

The Failure of Northern Rock: A multi-dimensional Case Study / by Franco Bruni and David T. Llewellyn

Asset Management in Volatile Markets / by Morten Balling, Ernest Gnan and Catherine Lubochinsky

Monetary Policy, Regulation and Volatile Markets / by Morten Balling, Ernest Gnan and Catherine Lubochinsky

Macroeconomic Differentials and Adjustment in the Euro Area / by Iulia Siedschlag

Commodities, Energy and Finance / by Ernest Gnan and Már Gudmundsson

Monetary Policy Transmission in Poland: A Study of the Importance of Interest Rate and Credit Channels / by Tomasz Łyziak, Jan Przystupa and Ewa Wróbel

Governance of Financial Supervisors and its Effects – a Stocktaking Exercise / by Marc Quintyn

Corporate Governance in Financial Institutions / by Spyros G. Stavrinakis; Christian Harm; David T. Llewellyn; Bridget Gandy, Peter Shaw, Peter Tebbutt and Mark Young

Economic Convergence in South-Eastern Europe: Will the Financial Sector deliver? / by Valerie Herzberg and Max Watson

Information and Uncertainty in the Theory of Monetary Policy / by Helmut Wagner

The Adoption of the Euro, Choice of Currency Regime and Integration of Payment Systems / by Michael C. Bonello, George M. von Furstenberg, Kari Kemppainen/Sinikka Salo

Macroeconomic Adjustment in the New EU Member States / by Jürgen von Hagen and Iulia Traistaru-Siedschlag

Measuring Scale Economies in a Heterogeneous Industry: The Case of European Settlement Institutions / by Patrick van Cayseele and Christophe Wuyts

Visions about the Future of Banking / by Hans J. Blommestein

Fiscal Issues in the New EU Member Countries: Prospects and Challenges / by Helmut Wagner

Inflation Targeting and its Effects on Macroeconomic / by Thórarinn G. Pétursson

Internationalization of Banks: Strategic Patterns and Performance / by Alfred Slager

Banking Mergers and Acquisitions in the EU: Overview, Assessment and Prospects / by Rym Ayadi and Georges Pujals

Trends in Competition and Profitability in the Banking Industry: A Basic Framework / by Jacob A. Bikker and Jaap S.B. Bos

Will the Adoption of Basel II Encourage Increased Bank Merger Acticity? Evidence from the United States / by Timothy H. Hannan and Steven J. Pilloff

Two new measures of banking efficiency / Riccardo Brogi and Paolo Santella

From floating to monetary union: The economic distance between exchange rate regimes / Eduard H. Hochreiter and Pierre L. Siklos

Electronic purses in Euroland: Why do penetration and usage rates differ? / by Leo van Hove

Northern and Eastern Enlargement of EMU: Do Structural Reforms Matter? / by Andrew Hughes Hallett, Svend E. Hougaard Jensen and Christian Richter

European Monetary and Financial Integration: Evolution and Prospects / by Jean-Paul Abraham, Franco Bruni, Alexandre Lamfalussy, Roert Raymond, Jean-Claude Trichet

Supervisory Systems, Fiscal Soundness and International Capital Movement, More Challenges for New EU Members / by Andreas Grünbichler and Patrick Darlap, Sinikka Salo, Leslie Lipschitz, Timothy Lane and Alex Mourmouras

Russia’s Financial Markets Boom, Crisis and Recovery 1995-2001 Lessons for Emerging Markets Investors / by Ralph Süppel

Securing Financial Stability: Problems and Prospects for New EU Members / by Michael C. Bonello, Fabrizio Saccomanni, Claudia M. Buch, Jörn Kleinert and Peter Zajc

Monetary and Financial Thinking in Europe: Evidence from Four Decades of SUERF / by Jean-Paul Abraham

The EU Experience in Financial Services Liberalization: A Model for GATS Negotiations? / by Paola Bongini

The Theory of Financial Intermediation, An Essay on What it Does (Not) Explain / by Bert Scholtens and Dick van Wensveen

European Financial Cross-Border Consolidation: At the crossroads in Europe? By exception, evolution or revolution? / by Jean-Paul Abraham & Peter Van Dijcke

Bank Management between Shareholders and Regulators / by Christian Harm

Ongoing Changes in the Business Cycle - Evidence and Causes / by Thomas Dalsgaard, Jørgen Elmeskov, Cyn-Young Park

Is there a Future for Regional Banks and Regional Exchanges? The Strategies of Selected Austrian Finance Institutions / by David T. Llewlleyn, R. Ortner, H. Stepic, St.K. Zapotocky

Banking Internationalisation and the Expansion Strategies of European Banks to Brazil during the 1990s / by Luiz Fernando de Paula

Implications of Globalisation for Monetary Policy / by Helmut Wagner

Financial System Transition in Central Europe: The First Decade / by Thomas Reininger, Franz Schardax and Martin Summer

Italian Mutual Banks: Performance, Efficiency and Mergers and Acquisitions / by Juan Sergio Lopez, Alessandra Appennini, and Stefania P.R. Rossi & Roberto Di Salvo, Maria Carmela Mazzilis,and Andrea Guidi

Reflections on the Regulation of European Securities Markets / by Alexandre Lamfalussy

Investments in Painting: The interaction of monetary return and psychic income / by M.M.G. Fase

Company Financing, Capital Structure, and Ownership: A Survey, and Implications for Developing Economies / by Sanjiva Prasad, Christopher J. Green and Victor Murinde

Central Banking and the Choice of Currency Regime in Accession Countries / by Willem H. Buiter and Clemens Grafe

The Federal Reserve System Discussed: A Comparative Analysis / by M.M.G. Fase and W.F.V. Vanthoor

The Spanish Bank’s Strategy in Latin America / by Miguel Sebastian and Carmen Hernansanz

The New Capital Adequacy Framework - Institutional Constraints and Incentive Structures / by Cem Karacadag and Michael W. Taylor

Strengthening Financial Infrastructure Deposit Insurance and Lending of Last Resort / by Richard Dale; Franco Bruni and Christian de Boissieu

Emerging Stock Markets after the Crises / by Sarah Hewin, John Calverley and Kevin Grice

The New Economics of Banking / by David T. Llewellyn

Towards an Understanding of the Changing Structure of Financial Intermediation: An Evolutionary Theory of Institutional Survival / by Joseph Bisignano

Corporate Governance in Central and Eastern Europe: Transition management is a tough job / by Debora Revoltella and Peter R. Haiss & Gerhard Fink

Does Sweden Need a Mandatory Bid Rule? A Critical Analysis / by Rolf Skog

Governance of stakeholder relationships: The German and Dutch experience / by George M.M. Gelauff and Corina den Broeder

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Testimonials and Endorsements

Ewald Nowotny

Ewald Nowotny

Governor, Oesterreichische Nationalbank (2008-2019)

„The Oesterreichische Nationalbank has hosted SUERF’s Secretariat at our premises in Vienna since 2000. Our long-standing co-operation with SUERF has been both a pleasure and of mutual benefit. During this time, we have jointly organised nine workshops, conferences and colloquia. These events have been of consistently high scientific quality and have always addressed topics of immediate interest to central bankers, supervisors, financial firms and academic economists. SUERF successfully creates a joint communication and networking platform among quite distinct groups. SUERF smoothly bridges the gaps in language, concepts, and interests among them, thus creating new perspectives, insights and solutions. What I particularly like about SUERF is the Association’s non-profit, non-partisan attitude: people there seek to facilitate dialogue and new thinking, not to push an agenda or make a profit. We will gladly continue our co-operation, and I warmly recommend membership and support for SUERF.“

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Hyun Song Shin

Hyun Song Shin

Economic Adviser and Head of Research, Monetary and Economic Department, BIS

”SUERF provides a rare setting where economists from academia, central banks and the private sector can debate cutting edge issues and reach insights that are much more than the sum of the individual contributions. Academic studies benefit from the richer institutional setting from practitioners and policymakers, while applied work benefits from the eye on detail and rigour that academics provide. I applaud SUERF’s efforts and expect it to contribute further to the development of the subject.”

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Axel Weber

Axel Weber

Chairman, UBS AG

"SUERF does a great job in identifying the burning issues in central banking, money and finance. SUERF’s mission to bring together academics, policy makers and financial practitioners has become all the more important in the post-crisis environment. SUERF’s highly focused events and publications really add value. It is a network worth supporting and being part of."more »»»

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