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Rudi Vander Vennet

Rudi Vander Vennet
Ghent University

Areas of expertise

  • European banking
  • Financial intermediation
  • Monetary policy and macroprudential policy

Short Biography

Rudi Vander Vennet is full professor of financial economics and banking at Ghent University and program director of the advanced Master in Banking and Finance. He also teaches banking at Solvay Business School (ULB Brussels). His research interests include European banking, financial intermediation, monetary policy and macroprudential policy. He has published large parts of his research in leading academic and professional journals. He has a broad experience as an economic and banking expert, e.g., as (past) member of the board of directors of financial firms, as member of the Belgian High Finance Council, as member of the Bank Stakeholder Group of the European Banking Authority and as policy advisor.

Selected publications

Selected publications

  • Vander Vennet, R., 2002, Cost and profit efficiency of financial conglomerates and universal banks in Europe, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 34(1), 254-282.
  • Baele, L., O. De Jonghe and R. Vander Vennet, 2007, Does the stock market value bank diversification?, Journal of Banking and Finance, 31, 1999-2023.
  • De Bruyckere V., M. Gerhardt, G. Schepens, R. Vander Vennet, 2013, Bank/sovereign risk spillovers in the European debt crisis, Journal of Banking and Finance, 37(12), 4793-4809.
  • Mergaerts F. And R. Vander Vennet, 2016, Business models and bank performance: A long-term perspective, Journal of Financial Stability, 22, 57-75.
  • Lamers, M., E. Meuleman, F. Mergaerts and R. Vander Vennet, 2019, The trade-off between monetary policy and bank stability, International Journal of Central Banking, 15(2), 1-42.
  • Simoens, M. and R. Vander Vennet, 2020, Bank performance in Europe and the US: A divergence in market-to-book ratios, Finance Research Letters, 101672
  • Matthys, T., E. Meuleman and R. Vander Vennet, 2020, Unconventional monetary policy and bank risk taking, Journal of International Money and Finance, 102233.

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