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Jean-Charles Rochet

Professor of Banking at GFRI
Swiss Finance Institute
Senior Chair and Head of Research
University of Geneva

Selected publications

  • Risk Management in Turbulent Times (with G. BENEPLANC), Oxford University Press,  (2011), 212 pages. This book was awarded the Prize “Risque - la Tribune 2011”.
  • Balancing the Banks (with M. DEWATRIPONT and J.TIROLE) Princeton University Press, (2010), 138 pages.
  • Why Are There So Many Banking Crises?, Gaston Eyskens Lectures 2000, Princeton University Press, (2008), 308 pages.
  • When Insurers Go Bust (with G. PLANTIN), Princeton University Press, (2007), 101 pages.
  • Microeconomics of Banking (with X. FREIXAS) MIT Press, (1997), 312 pages Second edition (2008), 363 pages.
  • Méthodes Mathématiques de la Finance (with G. DEMANGE), Economica (1992), 305 pages (in French).
  • Microéconomie de l’Assurance (with D. HENRIET), Economica (1990), 215 pages (in French).

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