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Ettore Panetti


Senior Assistant Professor
University of Naples Federico II


Areas of expertise

  • Banking and financial stability

Short Biography

Ettore Panetti is a senior assistant professor (RTD-B) of finance at the Department of Economics and Statistics of the University of Naples Federico II. He is also a research affiliate of SUERF, and a member of UECE-ISEG.

His research interests are banking and financial stability, with a focus on bank liquidity and regulation, the role of panic as a trigger of financial crises, and the real effects of credit shocks. His research has been published, among others, in the Review of Finance, the Journal of Money, Credit and Banking and in the Journal of Banking & Finance.

He holds a BA "Summa cum Laude" in Economics from Bocconi University, a MSc in Economics with Distinction from University College London, and a PhD in Economics from IIES-Stockholm University.

Selected publications

  • [Forthcoming] Panetti E. "The Welfare costs of self-fulfilling bank runs", Journal of Money, Credit and Banking.
  • Deidda, L.G. and E. Panetti (2018). Banks’ Liquidity Management and Financial Fragility.
  • Mattana, E. and E. Panetti (2018). The Welfare Costs of Self-fulfilling Bank Runs.
  • Garcia, F. and E. Panetti (2018). A Theory of Government Bailouts in a Heterogeneous Banking System.
  • Panetti, E. (2017). A Theory of Bank Illiquidity and Default with Hidden Trades. Review of Finance 21(3), 1123-1157.
  • Panetti, E. (2016). Market Participation in a Two-Sector Diamond-Dybvig Economy. Studies in Economics and Finance 33(4), 660-678.
  • Mattana, E. and E. Panetti (2014). Bank Liquidity, Stock Market Participation, and Economic Growth. Journal of Banking & Finance 48, 292-306.
  • Panetti, E. (2014). Financial Liberalization and Contagion with Unobservable Savings. International Review of Financial Analysis 36, 20-35.


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