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Dirk Schoenmaker


Professor of Banking and Finance
Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University; Bruegel; CEPR


Areas of expertise

  • Sustainable finance
  • Banking
  • Central banking
  • Financial stability and supervision
  • European integration

Short Biography

Dirk Schoenmaker is a Professor of Banking and Finance at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. He is also a Non-Resident Fellow at the think tank Bruegel and a Research Fellow at the CEPR. Before joining RSM, Dirk was Dean of the Duisenberg School of Finance and worked at the Dutch Ministry of Finance and the Bank of England. Dirk is co-author of the textbooks Principles of Sustainable Finance (OUP) and Financial Markets and Institutions: A European Perspective (CUP) and author of Governance of International Banking: The Financial Trilemma (OUP).

Selected publications

Journal articles

  • Schoenmaker, D. (2018), ‘Resolution of International Banks: Can Smaller Countries Cope?’, International Finance, 21(1), 39-54.
  • Schoenmaker, D. (2017), ‘What happened to Global Banking after the Crisis?’, Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance, 25(3), 241-252.
  • Goodhart, C. and D. Schoenmaker (2016), ‘The Global Investment Banks are now all Becoming American: Does that Matter for Europeans?’, Journal of Financial Regulation, 2(2), 163-181.
  • Schoenmaker, D. and R. van Tilburg (2016), ‘What Role for Financial Supervisors in Addressing Environmental Risks?’, Comparative Economic Studies, 58(3), 317-334.
  • Schoenmaker, D. and P. Wierts (2015), ‘Regulating the Financial Cycle: An Integrated Approach with a Leverage Ratio’, Economics Letters, 136, 70-72.
  • Schoenmaker, D. (2015), ‘The new Banking Union Landscape in Europe: Consolidation Ahead?’, Journal of Financial Perspectives, 3(2), 189-201.
  • Schoenmaker, D. and A. Siegmann (2014), ‘Can European Bank Bailouts Work?’, Journal of Banking & Finance, 48, 334-349.
  • Gros, D. and D. Schoenmaker (2014), ‘European Deposit Insurance and Resolution in the Banking Union’, Journal of Common Market Studies, 52(3), 529-546.


  • De Haan, J., D. Schoenmaker and P. Wierts (2019), Financial Markets and Institutions: A European Perspective, Fourth Edition, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, forthcoming.
  • Schoenmaker, D. and W. Schramade (2019), Principles of Sustainable Finance, Oxford University Press, Oxford.
  • Hartmann, P., H. Huang and D. Schoenmaker (eds) (2018), The Changing Fortunes of Central Banking, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
  • Schoenmaker, D. (2013), Governance of International Banking: The Financial Trilemma, Oxford University Press, New York.

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