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Davide Romelli


Assistant Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, Trinity College Dublin.
Research affiliate, IM-TCD (International Macro-TCD).
Fellow, BAFFI-CAREFIN, Bocconi University.

Short Biography

Davide Romelli is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Trinity College Dublin and Director of IM-TCD (Trinity College Dublin’s International Macroeconomics Research Unit). His research focuses on international finance and macroeconomics, central banking and financial supervision. Davide holds a PhD in Economics from ESSEC Business School and THEMA-University of Cergy-Pontoise. More information on his research can be found at his personal website http://www.davideromelli.com.

Selected publications

Articles in peer-reviewed journals:

  • The political economy of reforms in central bank design: evidence from a new dataset, Economic Policy, 2022.
  • Did financial frictions stifle R&D investment in Europe during the great recession? (with O. Peia), Journal of International Money and Finance, 2022.
  • Political Voice on Monetary Policy: Evidence from the Parliamentary Hearings of the European Central Bank (with F.M. Ferrara, D. Masciandaro and M. Moschella), European Journal of Political Economy, 2021.
  • Banking supervision and external auditors: Theory and empirics (with D. Masciandaro and O. Peia), Journal of Financial Stability, 46, 100722, 2020.
  • Current account and real exchange rate changes: The impact of trade openness (with C. Terra and E. Vasconcelos), European Economic Review, 105, pp. 135–158, 2018.
  • Central Bankers as Supervisors: Do Crises Matter? (with D. Masciandaro), European Journal of Political Economy, 52, pp. 120–140, 2018.
  • Appointments to central bank boards: Does gender matter? (with P. Charléty and E. Santacreu-Vasut), Economics Letters, 155(June), 59–61, 2017.
  • Ups and Downs. Central Bank Independence from the Great Inflation to the Great Recession: Theory, Institutions and Empirics (with D. Masciandaro), Financial History Review, 22(03), 259–289, 2015.
  • Dynamic Central Bank Independence Indices and Inflation Rate: A New Empirical Exploration (with M. Arnone), Journal of Financial Stability, 9(3), 385–398, 2013.

Working papers:

  • Disagreement inside the FOMC: New Insights from Tone Analysis (with H. Bennani), Trinity Economics Papers Working Paper No. 1021, 2021.
  • Monetary policy, Twitter and financial markets: evidence from social media traffic (with D. Masciandaro and G. Rubera), BAFFI CAREFIN Centre Research Paper No. 2021-160, 2021.
  • Do Women Matter in Monetary Policy Boards? Gender and Monetary Policymaking: Trends and Drivers (with D. Masciandaro and P. Profeta), 2015. BAFFI CAREFIN Centre Research Paper No. 2015-46.

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