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Alessandra Cillo


Bocconi, Adjunct Professor, Decision Sciences Department
Baffi Carefin: Research Fellow
Igier Affiliate

Areas of expertise

  • Behavioral Decision Making: Theory and Experiments
  • Decision Analysis: Risk-Value Models, Multiattribute Utility, Stochastic Dominance, Value of Information
  • Risk Analysis: Importance Measures

Short Biography

After a Ph.D. in Management (Decision Sciences) at INSEAD in 2007 and three years as Assistant Professor at IESE Business School, Barcelona, I have been part of Bocconi faculty in the Decision Sciences Department. My research is on behavioural decision making, by combining standard principles of Economics with Psychology, to help people making better decisions in risky contexts.

Selected publications

  • "On the Relationship between Safety and Decision Significance", with E. Borgonovo and C.L. Smith, Risk Analysis, 38(8), 2018: 1541-1558
  • "Deciding with Thresholds: Importance Measures and Value of Information", with E. Borgonovo, Risk Analysis, 37(10), 2017: 1828-1848
  • "Elicitation of Multiattribute Value Functions through High Dimensional Model Representations: Monotonicity and Interactions", with F. Beccacece, E. Borgonovo, G.T. Buzzard, and S. Zionts, European Journal of Operational Research, 246(2), 2015: 517-527
  • "A Tailor-Made Test of Intransitive Choice", with A. Baillon and H. Bleichrodt, Operations Research, 63(1), 2015: 198-211


Works in Progress

  • "Neurocognitive Assessment in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Patients: Adherence to Behavioral Decision Models", with M. Bonetti, G. Burro, C. Di Serio, R. De Filippis, and R.M. Martoni
  • "The Willingness to Pay for Editing", with E. De Giorgi
  • "Privacy and Money: It Matters" , with E. Borgonovo, S. Caselli, D. Masciandaro, G. Rabitti

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