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Europe and the Dollar in the World-Wide Disequilibrium

Author(s): by J.R. Sargent

Date published: Sep 1981

edited by J.R. Sargent, Financial and Monetary Policy Studies 5
Sijthoff & Noordhoff International Publishers, Alphen aan den Rijn, 1981
ISBN 90-286-0700-5

The problems of balance-of-payments disequilibrium between national economies emerged particularly acutely in 1977-78 in connection with the US dollar. SUERF was concerned with this question at its eighth colloquium held in Basel in 1979. The papers collected in this volume fall under six main headings. At the beginning are three which survey generally, from different view-points, the US economy and the dollar. The next three papers examine the problems of adjustment of balances on current account, and are followed by three papers concerned with capital movements and their implications for the stability of the system. The fourth part comprises four papers on the future role of the US dollar in the world's monetary system, and the fifth has two papers on European monetary integration. The sixth part of the volume contains the report on the discussion which took place at the colloquium around the particular topics mentioned above.

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