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The International Adjustment Process - New Perspectives, Recent Experience and Future Challenges for the Financial System

Author(s): by D.E. Fair and C. de Boissieu

Date published: Aug 1989

edited by D.E. Fair and C. de Boissieu, Financial and Monetary Policy Studies 17
Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, Boston, London, 1989
ISBN 0-7923-0013-0

The need for economic adjustments in developed and developing countries has become familiar. Large Imbalances persist, 'crises' threaten and a relapse into protectionism is never far away. This book takes a new look at the adjustment process, in the light of recent historical developments, current influences and reasonable scenarios for the future. The discussions, which took place at SUERF Colloquium in Helsinki in 1988, focused on balance-of-payment adjustment problems, the modus operandi of the adjustment process, adjustment policies and the special problems of developing countries. The work is thus of central importance to international analysis and to international strategies, and will be required reading for bankers, financiers, businessman, and policy-makers who work in an international environment.

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