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Fiscal Policy, Taxation and the Financial System in an Increasingly Integrated Europe

Author(s): by Donald E. Fair and Christian de Boissieu

Date published: Apr 1992

edited by Donald E. Fair and Christian de Boissieu, Financial and Monetary Policy Studies 22
Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, Boston, Lancaster, 1992
ISBN 07923-1451-4
Three major challenges confront European policymakers and financial systems; (1) to preserve and strengthen policy coordination between the countries participating in the European Monetary System; (2) to design the future structure of the Economic and Monetary Union; (3) to implement constructive economic and financial responses to the major economic and political reform in Eastern Europe. The purpose of this book is to present a comprehensive analysis of these challenges, focusing on the relationships between fiscal policies on the one hand and financial systems on the other. The basis for the work is formed by the discussions, which took place at the 16th SUERF Colloquium in Lisbon, 1991. Private savings and the taxation of income from capital, imbalances in public sector budgets and their impact of financial systems, international resource transfers and the respective roles of governments and private capital flows, and the policy mix in the transition to Economic and Monetary Union are central themes of the book. This volume is of central importance to policymakers, bankers, financial executives, and academics.

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