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50 Years of Money and Finance - Lessons and Challenges

50 Years of Money and Finance - Lessons and Challenges

Author(s): by Morten Balling and Ernest Gnan

Date published: Sep 2013

Edited by Morten Balling and Ernest Gnan

ISBN: 978-3-902109-69-9

SUERF - The European Money and Finance Forum celebrated its 50th Anniversary in Paris, November 2013. To commemorates this landmark, SUERF invited a group of distinguished researchers to analyse the monetary and financial history of the past 50 years and to draw conclusions for the future. The task was to cover path-breaking events, political decisions, and outstanding research contributions in the field since the early 1960s, in a policy-oriented and practitioner-friendly manner. The volume is published by Larcier for SUERF. 
Each chapter of the book can be downloaded below. The book is also available for purchase from the Secretariat for EUR 90.
Foreword, Preface and Introduction
Christian Noyer; Urs Birchler; Morten Balling and Ernest Gnan
Global and European Monetary Arrangements: from Bretton Woods to EMU
Niels Thygesen
Global and Euro Imbalances: China and Germany
Guonan Ma and Robert N. McCauley
Is Monetary Policy a Science? The Interaction of Theory and Practice over the Last 50 Years
William R. White

Unconventional Monetary Policy of the ECB during the Financial Crisis: An Assessment and New Evidence
Christiaan Pattipeilohy, Jan Willem van den End, Mostafa Tabbae, Jon Frost and Jakob de Haan
The development of financial markets and financial theory: 50 years of interaction
Morten Balling and Ernest Gnan
Integration versus Interdependence and Complexity in Global Trade and Finance in the Post-War Period
Paul Atkinson, Adrian Blundell-Wignall and Caroline Roulet
From National towards European/Global Financial Regulation
Charles A.E. Goodhart
The Evolution of Financial Supervision: the Continuing Search for the Holy Grail
Donato Masciandaro and Marc Quintyn

Fifty Years in the Evolution of Bank Business Models
David T. Llewellyn

Performance in European Banking: Productivity, Profitability and Employment Trends
Philip Molyneux
Shadow Banking and New Lending Channels – Past and Future
Patricia Jackson
The 2007- Financial Crisis – a EURO-pean Perspective
Juan Ayuso and Roberto Blanco

The Effects of Derivatives on Underlying Financial Markets: Equity Options, Commodity Derivatives and Credit Default Swaps
William Arrata, Alejandro Bernales and Virginie Coudert

JEL Codes: Chapter 1: F33, F42, F55 and F65. Chapter 2: F15 and F32. Chapter 3: B22, E42 and E52. Chapter 4: E52 and E58. Chapter 5: B26, D53, E43, G15, G28, G38, K22 and N24. Chapter 6: F15, G15 and G21. Chapter 7: G20, G28 and L51. Chapter 8: E58 and G28. Chapter 9: G21. Chapter 10: D24, G21 and G28. Chapter 11: G23, G24 and G28. Chapter 12: G01, G18 and H63. Chapter 13: D84 and G13.

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