Colloquium Volumes

Up to and including the 26th SUERF Colloquium held in Lisbon, SUERF published the selected proceedings of SUERF Colloquia as Colloquium volumes, published latterly by Taylor & Francis and previously by Kluwer. Copies can be purchased from the publishers, as well as via various online bookstores, with a number of the Colloquium volumes published by Taylor & Francis also being available as eBooks. The last Colloquium Volume to be published, which was self-published by SUERF can be purchased through the SUERF Secretariat. More information about the individual SUERF Colloquium Volumes can be found by clicking on the links below.

SUERF Colloquium Volumes

Money, Finance and Demography: The Consequences of Ageing

Competition and Profitability in European Financial Services: Strategic, Systemic and Policy Issues

Financial Markets in Central and Eastern Europe: Stability and Efficiency

Technology and Finance - Challenges for Financial Markets, Business Strategies and Policy Makers

Adapting to Financial Globalisation

The Euro - A Challenge and Opportunity for Financial Markets

Corporate Governance, Financial Markets and Global Convergence

Risk Management in Volatile Financial Markets

The Competitiveness of Financial Institutions and Centres in Europe

The New Europe: Evolving Economic and Financial Systems in East and West

Fiscal Policy, Taxation and the Financial System in an Increasingly Integrated Europe

Financial Institutions in Europe under New Competitive Conditions

The International Adjustment Process - New Perspectives, Recent Experience and Future Challenges for the Financial System

International Monetary and Financial Integration - The European Dimension

Shifting Frontiers in Financial Markets

Government Policies and the Working of Financial Systems in Industrialized Countries

International Lending in a Fragile World Economy

New Approaches in Monetary Policy

Europe and the Dollar in the World-Wide Disequilibrium