Objectives and Strengths

The objectives of the Association are:

The objectives of the Association are:

• To promote contacts between practitioners (whether in the public or private sector) and academics, and to act as a forum for the discussion of monetary and financial questions;

• To sponsor and publish policy-oriented, practitioner-friendly, original research in these areas by both academics (experienced and younger) and practitioners;

• To organise international meetings, focussing on topics central to members' interests and, as appropriate, jointly with other like-minded bodies.

The Strengths of SUERF

Several factors underpin SUERF’s successful evolution:

• The membership mix of central bankers, private market and banking practitioners, and academics forms a unique European network.

• The central focus on Europe.

• Being a member-based Association.

• Choice of topics for Colloquia, seminars and lectures of interest and relevance to Members.

• Distinguished and authoritative speakers at events.

• The SUERF Studies are invariably topical and of interest to each of the constituencies of the Association and have made significant contributions to important issues of public debate.

• A strong and distinguished Council of Management drawn from the Association's main constituencies.

• A wide range of high-quality publications written by eminent scholars and practitioners.