SUERF Events

SUERF has an active and varied programme of events designed to be of relevance, value and interest to its Members. The main activities are:

- SUERF Colloquia
- SUERF Conferences and Workshops
- SUERF Annual Lectures

Events are held throughout Europe. All events are designed to be of interest and relevance to the main constituencies of the Association. Among its other activities, SUERF may participate in seminars and meetings jointly organised in collaboration with other organisations where SUERF can supply either speakers or qualified participants.

Forthcoming Events

 03.07.2015 Liquidity and Market Efficiency - Alive and Well?
SUERF/Bank of Finland Conference in Helsinki
4-5.11.2015 The SSM at 1
32 Colloquium SUERF/Deutsche Bundesbank

Recent Events

11.03.2015 Asset-liability management with ultra-low interest rates
SUERF/OeNB/BWG Conference in Vienna
11.12.2014 Reregulation of the financial sector – economic consequences, costs and benefits
SUERF/UniCredit & Universities Foundation Workshop in Vienn
14.11.2014 Challenges in Securities Markets Regulation: Investor Protection and Corporate Governance
SUERF/CNMV Conference in Madrid
02.07.2014 Post-Crisis Recovery and the Reconstruction of the Financial Sector
SUERF/Central Bank of Iceland Conference in Reykjavik
Money, Regulation and Growth: Financing New Growth in Europe
31st SUERF Colloquium and Baffi Finlawmetrics Conference 2014
13.03.2014 Two ends of the spectrum - the challenges of risk management and effective resolution
SUERF/EY Conference in London
12.12.2013 Banking and Financial Markets between Integration and Segmentation after the Crisis
SUERF/UniCredit & Universities Foundation Workshop in Vienna
22.11.2013 The Financial Reconstruction of Europe
SUERF/Banque de France Conference in Paris
04.10.2013 The value of banks and their business models to society
SUERF/DNB/Rabobank Conference and SUERF Annual Lecture in Amsterdam
13.06.2013 Banking after regulatory reforms - business as usual?
SUERF/Bank of Finland Conference in Helsinki

A full list of events from 2010 onwards can be found by clicking here.