SUERF's 50th Anniversary

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After another active and successful year in 2012, SUERF – The European Money & Finance Forum can really look forward to its 50th Anniversary in 2013, which in itself is no small achievement for a membership-based association. The programme of conferences for 2013 has already been finalised, and we hope that many SUERF members will join the events that we have planned during our golden jubilee year.

We have used the Association's 50th Anniversary as an opportunity to contact past SUERF presidents and eminent people from money and finance in Europe with SUERF connections to get them to pass on their thoughts about the major changes in money and finance while and since they were actively involved with SUERF. In addition, we have also asked them for their thoughts on SUERF's role as an association. The first interview, with Niels Thygesen is included in the December 2012 Newsletter.

An anniversary year is, however, more than just an occasion for looking back at past events, and it is for this reason that SUERF's events, while reflecting in their locations around Europe the long standing and loyal support provided to the association by our partners in particular in Austria, Finland, France and The Netherlands, are examining issues that are of current and future importance.

Our anniversary year's programme begins with a one-day conference on "The Future of Sovereign Borrowing in Europe" to be held at the Oesterreichische Nationalbank in Vienna on 8 March 2013, where our secretariat continues to be housed. Participant registrations are already being accepted through the SUERF website. On 13 June 2013, SUERF will once again join forces with the Bank of Finland, for a conference on "Banking after regulatory reforms – business as usual?" to be held in Helsinki. We are particularly pleased that Governor Liikanen will be delivering a keynote address at this event.

On 4 October 2013, we will hold a joint one-day conference with De Nederlandsche Bank and Rabobank Nederlands in Amsterdam on "The value of banks and their business models to society" and the 2013 SUERF Annual Lecture will open this conference. Finally, on 22 November 2013, SUERF will hold a joint conference with the Banque de France in Paris on "The Financial Reconstruction of Europe", and we are particularly pleased that Governor Noyer will speak at this event.

We are already able to look forward to a full year of SUERF publications – and to tie-in with SUERF's golden jubilee year, work has already begun on a special 50th Anniversary Volume – to be called "50 years of Money and Finance: Lessons and Challenges" to be published towards the end of 2013. The economic history of the past five decades since the early 1960s will allow conclusions to be drawn for the future. It will focus on important developments and their interrelations. The dramatic changes triggered by the financial and economic crisis, developments and changes in the more recent past since 2007 will of course be given particular prominence. The book is designed to be policy-oriented, practitioner-friendly and should provide value added and new insights, with a European focus, although the analysis will naturally be embedded into the global evolution of economic developments and thinking.

On behalf of the Council of Management, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continuing support of SUERF and its activities, without which the Association would not have been able to operate for the last half a century.

Urs W. Bircher, SUERF President