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Welcome to SUERF - The European Money and Finance Forum

SUERF - The European Money and Finance Forum is an independent, non-profit network association of central banks, supervisors, financial institutions, academic institutions, and financial sector practitioners. It provides a unique forum for information, research, networking and debate on financial and monetary issues, financial regulation and supervision, and monetary policy.

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London, 3 December 2015 - Banking Reform

Upcoming Events
3-4 February, Frankfurt 2016 -  The SMM at 1
14 April, Milan 2016 - Central Banking and Monetary Policy: Which Will Be the New Normal?

Recent Publications
SUERF Policy Note No. 2
Modigliani–Miller, Basel 3 and CRD 4
by Morten Balling, Aarhus University and SUERF

SUERF Policy Note No. 1
What is money and who says so?
by Peter R. Fisher, Dartmouth College and BlackRock Investment Institute

Conference Report
Cash on Trial

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