2012/3 Future Risks and Fragilities for Financial Stability

ICFRFuture Risks and Fragilities for Financial Stability
edited by David T. Llewellyn and Richard Reid, Vienna, 2012, ISBN 978-3-902109-63-7

In March 2012 a conference, organised jointly by the ICFR and SUERF, on "Future Risks and Fragilities for Financial Stability", explored what the next pressure points for financial stability might be, how these may arise from the response to the last financial crisis, and how the industry and the regulators can prepare for them. In order to discuss this theme, the conference brought together a select group of academics, industry practitioners and policymakers to discuss a range of connected issues, mainly incentives and market discipline, regulation, competition and shadow banking, and size and structure of business models.

Stefano Pagliari

Incentive Structures
Clive Briault

Supporting Market Discipline: The Case of a Bank Disclosure Council
Alistair Milne

Basel III and Shadow Banking
Patricia Jackson

Regulation and Competition in the Financial System
Vicky Pryce

The Evolution of Bank Business Models: Pre- and Post-crisis
David T. Llewellyn

Banking Banana Skins – Brief Remarks
David Lascelles

Concluding Observations
Thorsten Beck

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Additional Info

  • Keywords: Financial Stability, Incentive Structures, Market Discipline, Bank Disclosure Councils, Basel III, Shadow Banking, Regulation, Competition, Bank Business Models
  • JEL Codes: G1, G20, G21, G28, G38
  • ISBN No.: 978-3-902109-63-7
  • Authors: Stefano Pagliari, Clive Briault, Alistair Milne, Patricia Jackson, Vicky Pryce, David T. Llewellyn, Thorsten Beck, David Lascelles
  • Editors: David T. Llewellyn and Richard Reid