30th SUERF Colloquium - States, Banks, and the Financing of the Economy

States, Banks, and the Financing of the Economy

sponsored by UBS
Bank Julius Baer, the Department of Banking and Finance, University of Zürich, NCCR FinRisk, the Swiss Finance Institute and KOF ETHZ

held at the University of Zürich
Rämistrasse 74
CH-8001 Zürich, Switzerland

on 5-6 September 2012

Notes on the theme of the Colloquium:

Bankrupt states, (f)ailing banks, angry citizens – a toxic cocktail threatens the European and the world economy. The current global financial, economic and fiscal crisis reveals a complex interplay between states and financial markets: Instability in banking has spread to states and vice versa, with failures in both sectors looming. Economic and political fragility are feeding each other. The crisis increasingly hurts the real economy. This in turn further worsens public finances and bank balance sheets.


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2012 SUERF Marjolin Lecturer Biography - Lorenzo Bini Smaghi
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